Making Sure Every Family Has a Child to Love

NJ Adoption LawyerAdoption is a wonderful thing. The process of adoption allows you and your family to welcome a child in need into your hearts and home. However, the process of adoption can be very stressful. If legal matters aren’t addressed, your family’s future could be at stake.

Melinda M. Previtera, Attorney at Law has experience in all types of adoptions. She can discuss your options and help you determine the best adoption plan for your family.

  • Traditional adoption: Whether you choose adopt through an agency or through a private arrangement, Melinda will ensure that every aspect of your adoption is legally sound, so you can welcome your adoptive child to your family knowing the adoption is a forever placement.  Contact Melinda to discuss your adoption options.
  • Stepparent adoption and co-parent adoption: What will happen to the child you care for if something happens to his or her biological parent? New Jersey laws allow co-parents to adopt a partner’s biological or adopted child regardless of marital status. Call (856) 942-0150 to learn how adoption can help you protect your family.
  • Surrogacy: Surrogacy is the process of carrying a pregnancy for another individual. There are many things to consider when negotiating and drafting a surrogacy agreement. Melinda can help you with all legal matters related to the child’s birth, compensation for surrogacy services, legal parentage, and future interaction with the birth parent.
  • Single parent adoption: Worried that your single status will prevent you from adopting a child? New Jersey law states that marital status cannot be used to discriminate against couples or individuals who are seeking to adopt. Let Melinda help you start the family you’ve been dreaming of.
  • LGBT family adoption: In New Jersey, sexual orientation may not be considered as a factor in adoptions. New Jersey also allows second-parent adoptions. This legal process allows a co-parent to adopt the biological or adopted child of his or her partner regardless of marital status. Melinda M. Previtera works with LGBT families to protect the best interests of their children.
  • Assistance for birth parents: Are you a birth parent or potential surrogate? Melinda M. Previtera can help you find the right family to care for your child. Call (856) 942-0150 to learn more about your options before and after the child’s birth.

Are you ready to take the first step to achieving your family planning goals? Please contact Melinda M. Previtera, Attorney at Law at (856) 942-0150. Melinda M. Previtera will be happy to answer your questions and explain how to get started in the adoption process. There is no charge for the consultation.