Protecting Your Child’s Right to Financial Support

Being a single parent can be financially challenging. One income is rarely enough to pay for safe housing, healthy meals, reliable transportation and good childcare.  Even with a good income, it can be a struggle to cover new shoes, warm coats, dance lessons, Little League, health care and other every-day expenses. If your child has special medical or emotional needs, the costs can really add up.

According to New Jersey law, children have a right to be supported by both parents and are entitled to a share of each parent’s income, regardless of whether the parents are married, divorced, or have never been married. When parents are not living together, the non-custodial parent must provide financial support by making child support payments to the custodial parent. The amount of support that must be paid is determined by the courts based on each parent’s income and obligations, the number of children that are supported, and each child’s unique needs, and is calculated using a complex formula.

3 Steps for Determining New Jersey Child Support

  1. The income and expenses of each parent are assessed.
  2. Child custody arrangements are made and the amount of time the child spends with each parent is determined. Parents who spend more time with children may be awarded larger child support payments.
  3. A list of child-related expenses is created. The list should include the cost of shelter, food, clothing, health care, education, child care, school supplies and extracurricular activities. The list should include the child’s current needs and anticipate the child’s future needs.

Once the child support order filed with the court and signed by the judge, it is binding. Parents must pay the ordered amount of support unless the order is modified. Child support orders may be modified when there are changes in income or expenses.

New Jersey Child Support Services

Many times, non-custodial parents resent paying child support. For this reason, child support is often the most contentious part of divorce and child custody agreements. Melinda M. Previtera, Attorney at Law can help you make sure that your child receives the support he or she is entitled to. Melinda M. Previtera offers a full range of child support services, including:

  • Estimates of child support
  • Legal representation
  • Modification of child support orders
  • Child support for parents of never-married parents
  • Child support from non-biological parents
  • Child support for special needs children
  • Child support order enforcement

Every child deserves the financial support of both parents. Melinda M. Previtera will work diligently to make sure your child’s needs are met – now and in the future.  Contact Melinda M. Previtera, Attorney at Law at (856) 942-0150 to discuss your child’s needs.