Child Support Modification

Your ex got a big promotion. He has a new house and a new car, while you are struggling to pay for your child’s basic needs. Can you ask for more child support based on his increased income?

Your child was recently diagnosed with a developmental disability. He will need occupational and behavioral therapy. Very little of the cost will be covered by insurance. Can you request additional child support to cover your child’s medical needs?

You have returned to the full-time workforce. You are enjoying the challenge of your new job, but you aren’t enjoying the challenge of paying for childcare on a single income. Can you ask your ex to pay for part of your childcare costs?

You have been paying child support for several years. You are happy to provide for your child and wish you could do more. But, your company cut your hours and paying the current level of support is a hardship. Can the child support order be adjusted?

When your child support order was created, the judge took into account the child’s needs and each parent’s financial situation. But, life brings changes and child support orders may need to be adjusted accordingly. New Jersey child support orders can be modified when a child’s needs change or when one parent’s income significantly increases.

How to Modify a New Jersey Child Support Order

Talk to your lawyer about your financial situation. Your family attorney will determine how you can adjust your current child support order to meet your family’s needs. The attorney will file the necessary paperwork with the Superior Court, and a judge will determine if you have reasonable grounds for a change in your child support agreement.

Fighting for Your Children

When circumstances change, Melinda M. Previtera is here for you. Whether you are a custodial parent seeking an increase in child support, or are struggling to fill or child support obligations, Melinda will work hard to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Call 856-942-0151 to request a telephone consultation.

New Jersey Child Support Enforcement

Your divorce wasn’t easy. Your ex fought you every step of the way. And, the fighting hasn’t stopped. Your ex is expressing his anger by refusing to pay child support.

The Law is On Your side

New Jersey law protects a child’s right to financial support from both parents. This means that you and your ex are legally bound by the child support order. If your spouse is withholding child support, you have a right to seek the money that is owed to your children.

There are many avenues for child support enforcement and collection of past due support in New Jersey. These include:

  • Garnishing of wages
  • Interception of tax refunds
  • Seizure of property
  • Suspension of business and driver licenses
  • Credit reporting
  • Arrest warrants

Attorney Melinda M. Previtera puts children first. She will work with the New Jersey courts to make sure your children get all the support they deserve. Call 856-942-0151 to learn more.